Unisex Portable Urinal - Includes Female Adapter

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When a restroom isn’t available, let the Portable Urinal provide that much needed convenience. Great for traveling, camping, boating, when someone is bedridden, or any time a restroom is unavailable, the urinal has a 40oz capacity with a spill-proof cap. With the women’s adaptor, the Portable Urinal can be used by anyone. The urinal is made with durable plastic, and it includes a built-in handle.

  • CONVENIENTUSE: Ideal for traveling, camping, boating, and for those who are bedridden, thePortable Urinal provides convenience when a restroom is unavailable
  • UNIVERSAL: With the ladies adaptor, the urinal is made easy for anyone
  • OPTIMALHOLD: The urinal has a 40oz capacity with a spill-proof cap
  • SOLID BUILD: Constructed with durable plastic, the urinal also includes a built-in handle