Hot Water Bottle System

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Enjoy easy comfort with the Hot Water Bottle System. Perfect for hot and cold water, this system may help sooth discomfort related to muscle tension, stress, cramps, and more.The bottle is safe, durable, and hygienic, and the ribbed surface helps maintain the water's temperature. The bottle has a 1.75 quart capacity, and the wide opening provides easy water filling. 
  • May help relieve discomfort related to muscle tension, stress, cramps, and more
  • Safe, durable, and hygienic
  • Perfect for hot or cold water
  • Wide opening for easy filling
  • The ribbed surface helps maintain temperature.
  • Includes a bottle, stopper, douche and enema syringe system
  • Size: 2.5'' H x 7.75'' W x 14.25'' D. with a 1.75 quart capacity

    Hot Water Bottle System
    Hot Water Bottle System