IdeaWorks - Soap Paper Soluble

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Brand: North American Health + Wellness


  • {Instant Hand Washing} No longer worry about finding the nearest restroom to wash your hands. Instant soluble Soap Sheets are the perfect portable soap for convenient hand washing
  • {Easy-Use} Designed for instant use! Soluble Soap Sheets replace standard soap for hand washing. Simply, prep hands with water, apply hand friction and instantly clean & rinse hands
  • {100 Sheets} Enjoy convenient, portable hand-washing: no bars, containers or dispensers, simply grab a soap sheet! Sheets come in compact container with 100 sheets each! Light and fresh lavender scent: keep with you on the go for yourself and your peers!
  • {Germ Prevention} Perfect use while social distancing, soluble soap sheets ensure that your hands remain clean and bacteria free while doing day to day activities
  • {Portable} Bring with you on the go! Soluble Soap Sheets are perfect for outdoor activities, use during: traveling, BBQ's, hiking, sporting events, camping & more! Approx. Container Size: 2-¾” x 1-⅞” | Approx. Soap Sheet Size: 2-¼” x 1-⅜”

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