Jobar Warm Slippers, Brown and White 2 Count

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Keep your feet and lower legs warm, comfortable, and protected with the Leg and Foot Warmers. Designed to enjoy while relaxing on your bed, wheelchair, or recliner, the one-size-fits-all slippers may help promote blood circulation. For easy-use, these warmers feature convenient closures. The warming slippers are machine washable, and they are designed with a warm plush lining for optimal comfort.

  • Fleece
  • FEET COMFORT: The Leg and Foot Warmers provide warmth, comfort, and protection for your legs and feet. The warming comfort may also promotes blood circulation in the feet and leg area
  • IDEAL USE: Keep your feet warm while you relax in your bed, wheelchair, or recliner
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: These one size-fits-all, machine washable slippers feature convenient closures and a warm plush lining for easy comfort