Pop-up Mosquito Net

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Few things are worse than the dreadfulness of waking up with a limb full of incest bites, especially in this day and age where virus and bacteria are spreading rampantly due to close living proximity and urban density. Shield yourself and the family at night with our Mosquito Bed Net. It's simple, effective, and cost efficient.One investment, and never worry about night bites again...

  • THIN BREATHABLE NET - Keeps small bugs and mosquitoes away
  • ZIPPERED SIDES - Get in & out with ease. Twin & Full size have one opening Queen & King have 2 openings (1 on each side)
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Pops right open, no tools required
  • SIMPLE STORAGE - Folds up flat for easy slide in storage. Requires little space
Pop-up Mosquito Net
Pop-up Mosquito Net