IdeaWorks 2-Way Soap Saver Tray -Drain Excess Water from Soap Tray into Sink-Mounts on Wall or Sink-Waterfall Design for Easy Water Flow-Extends Soap Use by Keeping it Dry

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Drain excess soapy water and extend the use of your soap with the 2-way Soap Saver Tray. The specially designed grooves and nubs holds the soap in place as the soap tray?s waterfall lip allows excess water to easily flow into the sink. The adjustable suction cup allows the user to conveniently place the soap tray to your desired location. Whether it?s on the sink, or on the wall, simply slide and detach the tray off the mount, and attach it to your desired set-up.

  • Plastic
  • WATER REMOVAL: The soap tray’s waterfall lip design allows users to easily drain excess water into the sink. This keeps soap dry and sturdy, which extends the its longevity
  • SOAP HOLDER: The specially designed nubs and grooves allows the tray to hold the soap in place while the water pours into t he sink.