Bacon Press and Egg Rings

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Improve your breakfast routine with the Bacon Press and Egg Rings. This is the ideal breakfast cooking set for your morning needs. Bacon The Bacon Press is a tempered glass press which allows for you to see the bacon while it is cooking. The glass bacon perfectly spreads evenly over the bacon to give you a perfectly cooked piece of bacon every time. Egg Rings These stainless steel egg rings allow for you to make a perfect egg every single time. Cooking an egg has never been simpler. Crack the egg over the ring and wait a few minutes and then its ready to eat!

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: The set includes a 8" in diameter tempered glass bacon press and stainless steel egg rings (4" in diameter)
  • EVEN COOKING: Use the bacon press to evenly cook the bacon evenly. The clear glass allows you to easily monitor the bacon's progress
  • COOKING RINGS: The cooking rings are great for cooking eggs, pancakes, crab cakes, and salmon cakes