New Year's Resolutions for 2019 & How to Achieve Them

The end of the year is upon us! New Year’s Resolutions are a great opportunity for individuals to set personal goals to better themselves going into the New Year. Here are five popular New Year’s Resolutions and how to achieve them in 2019. 

Eat Healthier

Going into 2018, a Statista study claimed that 37% of those surveyed said that eating healthier was their New Year’ resolution. However, according to Cent’s Able, reasons people often struggle to eat healthy are due to misinformation, lack of self-motivation, inconvenience, and time. It states that eating fresh foods, staying disciplined, discovering ways to avoid temptation, and being self-educated on the food you eat can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Learning how to correctly prepare your food can be just as beneficial. In fact, healthy food preparation doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of easy cookware options ranging from unique grills to steamers. Discovering healthy foods and proper cooking techniques can help you improve your meals this upcoming year.

Exercise More

Similar to eating healthy, another 37% of people surveyed strive to exercise more.  According to Livestrong, people often fail this goal because they think they don’t have enough time, energy, or motivation.

Contrary to popular belief, there are easy and efficient ways to exercise. There are various styles of home exercisers that may help ease you into a consistent exercise routine. After establishing a solid schedule, exercising may turn from a tedious task into a regular part of your weekly lifestyle.

Save Money

Another 37% had said that saving money was their New Year’s resolution. Changing your spending habits may be tough to break, but there are easy tricks to help save money.

Exploring your favorite store’s sale section allows you to shop for your favorite items at a discounted price. Many of these stores also utilize a rewards program that allows you to spend the points you collected as virtual “cash” towards their products or services.

Dining out can get expensive as well. In fact, Forbes says it can cost you almost up to 5 times more to eat at a restaurant than to cook at home. Instead of going out, invest in helpful kitchen items and learn delicious recipes to make at home.  

Going solar can also save in our annual utility bills. Cost of Solar claims that outdoor solar landscape and patio lighting has an average payback of 2 years. Solar products often require an initial investment, but in the long term they can help you save money.

Taking Up a New Hobby

Referring back to the Statista study, 13 percent of those surveyed said they wished to pick up a new hobby in the New Year. Whether it’s learning a new card game, playing a musical instrument, starting a blog, or even gardening, picking up a new hobby has its fair share of benefits. According to Psychology Today, the benefits of having a hobby includes improving the way you structure your time, having a positive flow in your day, creating new social connections, and providing ways to cope with stress. So don’t fear the unknown, explore new ways to enjoy your valuable time this year!

Stay Organized

In 2015, a Nielsen article stated that 18% of people surveyed wanted to “get organized”. Whether it’s your home, finances, or other aspects of life, an organized life is an improved life.

When it comes to organization, Lifehacks says that being decisive, planning ahead, and giving everything a unique “parking spot” can help you stay organized. For your home, having trustworthy organization items can help keep your house in tip-top shape. Whether it’s a portable shelf for your bathroom, or a closest rack for your shoes, having an organized home can be simple and manageable.

Achieving our 2019 New Year’s resolution can be a challenge. Whether you strive to eat healthier, exercise more, save money, pick up a new hobby, or stay organized, self-improvement takes work. However, with the right strategy, will, and motivation, your goals and aspirations can turn into a reality.