Back-to-School Essentials

“School already?”

This is commonly said by students who aren’t quite ready to hit the books and leave the summer fun. But whether you’re in grade school, high school, or even college, being prepared for the school and dorm life is key for success. Here are a few tools from Simplified Home Solutions to help you succeed this school year.

1. Super Bright Portable LED Lamp

It’s getting late, and you’re studying for the mid-term that you need an A on. Your study room has some light, but it’s not quite bright enough to properly view your study material. Instead of suffering from poor lighting, use Super Bright Portable LED Light as your personal study light. 

If you’re leaving your normal study area to work in another location, the collapsible design allows you to easily fold the lamp, store it in your bag, and take it with you. Now you’re ready to study anywhere at any time.With the black woodgrainwhite woodgrain,and standard white models, these personal desk lamps provide 24 bright LED lights designed to illuminate your study. Depending on the lighting of your room, the light features 3 different brightness levels to meet your needs.

 2. Adjustable Drawer Dividers

You’re settling comfortably into your dorm room. A week, maybe two has gone by, and your room turned into an absolute mess. Instead of establishing yourself as the messy roommate, keep your room organized with the Adjustable Drawer Dividers.

Ideal for organizing your utensils, office supplies, tools, and bedroom drawers, keeping your room tidy has never been easier! Designed with non-slip grips at each end, these sturdy dividers can extend from 14”-21”. Now you can be a model roommate and keep your living area tidy all year-long.


3. Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

Eating at your school cafeteria may seem convenient at first. But after a while, you’ll start to burn out on eating the same meals each week. You want to change your meals around, but you don’t have the supplies or skillset to prepare full-course meals each day. Instead of relying on the cafeteria or complicated meal preparation, conveniently store and heat your favorite meals with the Cool Touch Microwave Bowl.

Great for storing and heating up leftovers, the bowl features a cool touch holding handle that helps you support and hold the inner ceramic bowl without burning your hands. This 24 oz bowl also includes a lid that prevents messy splatters while heating. Save a few trips to the cafeteria and enjoy easy meals with the Cool Touch Microwave Bowl.


With these school essential items from Simplified Home Solutions, hitting the books and studying hard just became a little easier!