3 Items To Improve Your Winter Living

Winter is here, and it came with its annual gifts of snowstorms, icy roads, and chilly days. While many of us are layering up and toughing out the colder weather, there are tools to make your winter a little more bearable. To improve your winter season, let these 5 items be your guide.

1.Flexible Hot Water Bottle

Sometimes even after wearing layers upon layers, certain body regions will still need extra warmth. Instead of purchasing many different heating products to match each chilly body part, use the 21” Flexible Hot Water Bottle for your universal heating source.

Whether it’s for the neck, back, stomach, or feet, the rubber material helps retain the heat needed for long lasting warmth. The included knitted acrylic cover provides that soft exterior for maximum comfort.

For all of your heated comfort needs, let the Flexible Hot Water Bottle be your one-stop heating solution.

2. 36” Draft Blocker

When the outside temperature drops, you’re often cranking up your heating system. With the increased use of your heating system, the last thing you want is for the heat to escape through the doorway crack. Not only does this hinder heat insulation, but your energy cost is literally seeping through the cracks.

Draft blocker

A solution to this heating dilemma is the 36” Draft Blocker. The easy-to-install blocker simply slides under the door, no tools are required. Although the standard size fits a 36” wide door, the Draft Blocker can be trimmed to fit smaller doors.

Instead of letting your heat and money seep through the doorway, retain it with the 36” Draft Blocker.



3. Casino Speed Dealer

Congratulations, your entire house is completely warm. But now you ask yourself, “What are we supposed to do for fun?”

When the weather outside is a little chilly, stay indoors and prevent cabin fever with the Casino Speed Dealer. This lightweight and easy-to-use card dealer is designed to efficiently deal a playing card to each player, just like the experts. Simply place any standard size deck of cards into dealer, adjust the card throwing length, and bring the Vegas thrill to your home!

When the winter weather throws some chilly curveballs, we hope our suggested products will keep you and your loved ones warm this season!